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~ Dandelion Six (D6) - 2015/16 - Seeks Home ~
The sixth of our all-Reclaiming Dandelion Gatherings needs fertile ground and compassionate local caretakers.

Dandelion Seeds are Floating in the Air...

Who will draw them down to their region to offer a flourishing of Reclaiming culture for 2015 or 2016?

In 2004 we visited South Texas, and in 2006 we were in Western Massachusetts. 2008 saw Dandelion visit Northern California, 2010 landed gently in Missouri, and 2012 found us in Portland. In 2015/16, could it be your turn?

Do you or your community have the desire and capacity to step forward and host the rest of us for four days of rituals, workshops, meetings, music, magic, and good food?

If you or your community is called to host our next celebration of all things Reclaiming - which will, amongst other fabulous functions, be the container for the BIRCH assembly - you won't have to do it alone. There will be loads of us helping you from dozens of communities, seed money for the gathering, and Dandelion organizers of days past to chime in.

Though support for the planning of D6 will come from all corners, we do need a specific individual (or individuals), a community and/or group to step forward and anchor this incredible event. Folks in this group will be the fabulous magical beings who find and book a retreat site, arrange food, set a budget, suggest transportation options, etc.

We are hoping to have a final idea of interested communities by the Spring Equinox (March 20) 2014.

If you feel the calling, have questions, or want more information, please get in touch with the Administration Cell of BIRCH (Broad Intra-Reclaiming Council of Hubs) via klevitski@sbcglobal.net or horizon.greenroot@gmail.com.

With vast gratitude for a delightful Dandelion Six (D6)

The Administration Cell of BIRCH

Andy, rain crowe, SunBird, Karin, Cassandra, Ross, horizon, Pat, Chelidon, Raven Edgewalker, Irisanya, Song, Jennifer, Morgana, Molly

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